Star Trek

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You have freedom to choose which ever topic most interests you.

1) Make a choice. You can watch either an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation or an episode of Black Mirror. For Star Trek: either episode 9 of Season 2 or episode 16 of Season 5. The episodes are available on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video (I think), etc., as well as via numerous, more illicit streaming options like this: Star Trek Online. There are tons of ways to get them. For Black Mirror: episode 3 of Season 1, episode 1 of Season 2, or episode 4 of Season 2 (the “White Christmas” special).

2) For whatever show you choose, write a brief essay (aim for about 200 words) examining an ethical problem raised by in the scenarios in the episode that is relevant to the material of the course. For instance, in Star Trek, Season 2, episode 9, there are many arguments concerning the grounds of moral status or the concept of a person. What kinds of arguments are given? Some arguments are based on the intrinsic properties of the entity in question and arguments are based on extrinsic reasons. Explain the arguments given, and evaluate them. (Hint: many of these shows raise questions of moral status/personhood, issues raised by technological advance, parental rights and obligations, or even abortion, so try to think of them from that perspective, if you are struggling.)

The word count is very clear. The take home exam will have 1200 words (or more) and the extra credit assignment will have 200 words.

Basically, one full essay and the extra credit assignment at the end.

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