Software Development Project

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

You are required to work on the design of a software development project to build a web-based management, administration, communication and e-learning application for primary schools to develop software tools capable of teaching pupils between the ages of 5 and 11 programming skills. The design of the software should show how the users can enter your system and start programming. The design of the software should show how to develp a new programming language that allows children in primary schools to program.

You are required to produce a report of how to build an e-learning system which allows children to log in either through their parents? mobile, their tablet or the web to work and develop their skills in programming.
it should include UML diagrams and UI diagrams. For UML I need more than one activity and state diagrams.
It should be 2 designs one for web application and one for main application.

The final report should consist of the following sections
? Abstract
? Tables of contents and figures
Project Documentation
? The outline Specification of the problem
? Design documentation for the software system
? Appendices

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