There are a variety of means through which we are socialized into our societies’ views on sexuality. Please take stock of the lessons you were taught as a child, addressing the following questions:

Where or from whom did you learn about puberty, sex, and sexual anatomy/physiology at various stages in your life? Agents to consider:

Other (Internet, non-family adults, etc.)
Was the instruction you received implicit or explicit?

What were some of the rules, guidelines, recommendations you received about how to conduct yourself?

What sorts of activities and thoughts were encouraged? Which ones were discouraged?

To what extent did religion play a role in your sexual socialization? ( I’m not a religious person)

Have you tended to abide by or reject the rules that you were brought up with?

What would you have liked to learn that you didnt learn? How would having had this knowledge have contributed positively to your life? What, if anything, did you learn that you wish you hadnt learned, either at the age you learned it or in the way you learned it?

(i’m a male)

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