Sociological Topics

Explain how both of the sociological topics apply to your observations and experiences.
Refer to terminology and theoretical approaches that apply.

1. Process of Socialization

-reflect on your process of socialization; refer to aspects such as:
        *Agents of Socialization, anticipatory socialization, re-socialization
        *your ascribed and achieved status and roles
        *development of self (refer to concepts by Goffman/Cooley)
-how does/does not your process of socialization relate to Danielle, Crhis,Langan, J.D.  -explain and describe.

2. Groups/Leadership/Conformity

-describe and explain groups as they relate to your social experience (primary, secondary, reference in/out)
-describe the three types of leadership and provide and example for each
-describe a situation where you or someone else was in a leadership position. What type of leadership position, type of leadership, was it appropriate and successful? why or why not?
-describe a situation of conformity from your social experience, was/ is it positive or negative? Explain

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