Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice

Discussion prompt:

“City Council members call on mayor to add 1,000 cops following 7% spike in shootings”

“Chicago Gun Violence: 2 People Killed, 27 Shot Father’s Day Weekend”

“Cincinnati police break up two violent gangs, make 41 arrests in Avondale crackdown”

The headlines above are actual titles from news articles published in the U.S.  These headlines underscore a serious issue in the United States, some neighborhoods have persistent crime problems that greatly impact the quality of life for residents in the communities.  Neighborhoods in Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Cincinnati, New York, Los Angeles, and other major cities have been experiencing an increase in violent crime rates while the vast majority of the country has not experienced similar increases in rates. Given what you know about the factors that influence crime in communities, what should be done in these places to reduce crime and protect the public?  Do realistic solutions exist?

Your work should be specific.  Consider what is the crime problem?  What can (and cant) police do to reduce crime?  What can (and cant) the courts do to reduce crime?  What can (and cant) corrections do to reduce crime?  What might be hampering these three major components from being completely effective in crime control?  In what other ways can government expect to control crime?

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