Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice


“Restorative justice has limited empirical support for its use.  Despite this very important limitation, the public supports restorative justice and its popularity among politicians and practitioners remains very high.  Bottom line: Restorative justice is here to stay.

Owl County’s juvenile court has decided to adopt restorative justice.  The juvenile courts administrator Judge Mental has contacted you for your expert opinion.  Based on your knowledge of restorative justice, you must create detailed parameters for the use of restorative justice as a response to crime.  When creating these parameters, you must consider a wide-range of factors, including characteristics of the offender, characteristics of the offense, and the victims input (or participation).  Consider how restorative just should be incorporated into a criminal sentence.  For example, is it in lieu of a sentence?  Or in conjunction of the sentence?

Put differently, your work should attempt to identify who should be eligible for restorative justice and how should it be carried out.”

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