SEI Coursework

Respond to the following prompts:
1. What is the difference between diagnostic testing, assessment, and evaluation?
2. Why should EL educators be wary of overreliance on standardized tests of Els academic
achievement and English language proficiency?
3. How can EL educators use authentic alternative assessments to provide valid and reliable evidence of Els growth and achievement?
4. Describe the difference between formative and summative assessments. Describe how you might use a formative assessment strategy during a lesson? What might you do with the data you collect from that formative assessment strategy?
5. Why should classroom teachers provide opportunities for students to engage in self- reflection? What are some of the learning benefits? Describe 2 metacognition strategies that you might use with students?

Response Requirements:
Each response for this module must be a minimum of one page doubled spaced using Times New Roman and size 12 font.

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