sales professional

sales professional
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based on Ontario region, Canada
Scenario: You are to develop your prospect list for companies (Ontario based) you would pursue for employment opportunities upon graduation from Niagara College. The purpose of this assignment is to have you identify prospects where you would have a reasonable probability of obtaining a position. You will need to consider the prospect company’s needs/requirements and the alignment of your capabilities with the “solutions” they are looking for. Think win-win outcomes for both you and the prospective employer.
Work to be completed:
1) Prospect List: Develop your prospect list.
Populate the excel template provided by filling in all the required fields in the template.
Provide complete information on 10 prospects (2 marks per prospect; 20 marks in total)
You must submit a hard copy (readable) of your excel spreadsheet.

2) Top Prospect Analysis: Discuss (200 words or less) the characteristics of the top 5 prospects for your region. You are required to discuss what these top 5 prospects have in common that resulted in you putting them in the top 5. Think about meaningful segmentation variables. Also think about the characteristics of a Class “A” or Top prospect (need, ability to pay, authority to make purchase decision). Consider the alignment of the prospects’ requirements with you specific capabilities. Provide reasons why you feel these 5 are the top prospects in your region. Refer to specific criteria that would make them top prospects (10 marks)
You must submit a hard copy of your written discussion.
Business/Organization Name “Specific Business Need
(Issue/Opportunity/Pain/Want)” Address Name of Contact Person (s) Phone Email Prospect Rating (A,B,C) Reasons for Prospect Rating

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