Risk Assessment

The purpose of this assignment is to become familiar with risk assessment, vulnerabilities, and determining how assets may be impacted by terrorists.

First, select a terrorist incident type (bombing, assault with a vehicle, active shooter incident, etc.) related to a specific area or building at a typical university or K-12 school setting. Second, select three assets typically found at a university or K-12 School (personnel, facilities, machinery, specialized equipment, stored materials, information technology, etc.) which might be impacted by the selected terrorist event. Then, write an essay (750-1,000 words) describing how you would best defend against the terrorist event.
Do the following in your essay:

Explain how the terrorist event might impact the three chosen university or K-12 school assets. (Explain both short-term and long-term implications.)
Explain how threat and hazard identification and risk assessment (THIRA) was used to determine existing vulnerabilities and defensive strategies.
Describe the university or school staff response to defend the assets in coordination with first responders.
Describe the types of security, structures (buildings/campus grounds), and personnel recommendations that would make the university or school safer for the future. (It is important to consider the concept of soft targets.)

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