right iliac fossa pain

Case study 1 Case study 1 Mark is an 8-year-old boy who has presented to the emergency department in the local hospital with right iliac fossa pain. On further assessment by the emergency registrar, appendicitis is suspected. He is made nil by mouth, commenced on IV therapy and admitted to the paediatric unit for a surgical review for possible theatre that evening. The surgical team agree that the signs and symptoms are associated with a possible appendicitis and take Mark to theatre for an appendectomy. The handover on return to ward is that the surgical team found a gangrenous perforated appendix with peritonitis. Mark has returned to the ward with a nasogastric tube insitu on free drainage, morphine PCA, IV therapy and triple IV antibiotics. Due to the severity of the infection and the potential complications, Mark will need to remain in hospital for 10 days of IV antibiotics and pain management. Mark is the oldest of five children and his parents own

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