Review and critique an Article

For this assignment, you will be expected to integrate information from various sources examined in the course up to this point, including readings and Internet sources. You will also be expected to locate three additional sources.
This assignment is an essay assignment building on these sources in two parts. You will be expected to use the APA format and cite material correctly, including a full identification of articles, chapters, or Internet sources in an attached bibliography. (Title pages and bibliographies do not count as part of your page or word count).
Begin this assignment looking to the folder with the assigned reading
Part 1: In the first part of this assignment you are required to provide a review of the article, including indicating its main thesis or argument. In reviewing the article or chapter you are expected to explain the article in a manner that would provide someone who is unfamiliar with the article a sense of what it is about and what they could expect if they were to read the article. The review will provide a foundation for the second part of the essay.
Part 2: The second part of the essay will consist of further developing an argument or theme presented in the article. In this section, you will be expected to identify one aspect of the article that you believe to be relevant and use additional sources to build on the authors point. You can use other sources from the course (readings and Internet) to provide further evidence or documentation of this point. You are also expected to locate at least three other sources to help in your development of this argument.
In this part of the assignment you may build on ideas that are well-developed in the original argument and provide further evidence and justification, or you may pick an area that the author discusses tangentially as significant but does not develop completely. Here you would be adding that extra step or documentation to prove the point and showing your own skills at supporting an academic position or argument. Also consider information that may seem to contradict their point if you encounter such sources. Here you would have to opportunity to weigh and assess differing perspectives critically and present your own conclusion on the matter. This critique should be longer and more in-depth than the review.

Ideas for Critique (Use as many as you wish)
1.Brief statement on style as a help or hindrance to understanding give an example.
2.Where does the article fit into the class? Agrees with or disagrees with give examples.
3.Pick one confusing concept or paragraph or idea and explain why it is confusing.
4.Pick one concise idea, concept, paragraph and explain why it is so.
5.What would the common citizen take away from this artic

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