Researched nonfiction

Write a short analysis of one of the Buzz excerpt. Select one criteria of a narrative journalism (a.k.a. researched nonfiction) essay that Katherine Ellison did especially well, provide an example, and analyze why or how it is strong.

An analysis of a piece of writing asks you to break a whole into parts and then examine the effect of those parts. In this case, the narrative journalism essay is the whole and the parts are characteristics of a narrative journalism.

Characteristics of a narrative journalism/researched nonfiction essay include:

Hook: grabs readers attention.
Shares a narrative experience.
Narrative reveals tension/conflict/learning.
Story is written with specific, vivid language to help readers care about the story and characters.
Detailed research provides information that helps the reader understand the subject.
Smoothly integrates researched information with story.
Reflection adds the subject matter.
Provides a sense of closure at the end.

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