Report on Issues in SHRM: Case Study Analysis and Critique

Type: Case Study
Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Due Date: 07 May 21 15:00
Weight: 40%
Task Description:

MGTS7603 Strategic Human Resources Management Semester 1, 2021

Assessment 2: Report on Issues in SHRM: Case Study Analysis and Critique – 40%

The second assessment is divided into two parts: Part A (Critique of SHRM models) and Part B (A Case Study Analysis of SHRM issues). A detailed description of the rationale, purpose and tasks of Part A and Part B of assessment 2 is provided below.

PART A: SHRM Models – A critique of practical application


When HR professionals face an issue that requires an intervention they often turn to good practice examples and use of models developed in research. This first aspect of assessment 2 (PART A) places you in that situation where you are exploring models that have emerged from practice and have been discussed in the research. You are also required to consider any ethical implications of the SHRM models.

PART A of assessment 2 is designed to provide you with an opportunity to:

    apply your understanding of SHRM models
    evaluate the practical relevance of the models
    consider ethical implications of HRM interventions


For the first aspect of assessment 2 task, you are required to critically analyse and evaluate two theoretical models for Strategic Human Resource Management. You are expected to assess the two theoretical models by summarising, evaluating, and judging the credibility of the models to Strategic Human Resource issues and practices.

You will use material from the seminars, literature, or any of the sources such as the Webinars which can be obtained (for free) from: The Society for Human Resource Management, The Human Capital Institute, or Australia Human Resource Institute.

The focus should be on critical evaluation of the two theoretical models and an overview of any related ethical issues.

Tasks (1000 words for the report)

    Select two theoretical models from those we have discussed in the seminars or those you have researched yourself
    Critically analyse and evaluate the practical application and credibility of the two theoretical models to Strategic Human Resource issues and practices by;
        summarising the models,
        critically evaluating their applicability, and
        judging their application to SHRM issues and practices
        commenting on any ethical implications

PART B: Case Study Analysis of SHRM issues


Identifying, assessing, and addressing human resourcing issues that affect the long-term objective of an organisation is a key component of SHRM. When done correctly, this can confirm the value of the Human Resources function. Successful implementation of SHRM practices doesnt necessarily involve a big budget and a large team. The best SHRM practices come in many different forms and often encompass creativity, passion and the ability to make a difference, whatever the size of the organisation. Consider the second aspect of assessment 2 (PART B) as a briefing by an internal HR team (i.e. you, inside the case organisation) reporting to your executive team (i.e. me, the CEO of the case organisation).

The purpose of the second aspect of assessment 2 (PART B) is to conduct an in-depth analysis of a Strategic Human Resource Management issue in a case study organisation. You will be allocated a case study/scenario/materials to review by the lecturer.

Using the SHRM literature, models and seminar content, you will analyse the case study and articulate the Human Resources problem. You will individually select and develop your own solution(s) as a model of best practice for the specific organisation optimising their human capital. All solutions will be written in a business report.
Tasks (1500 words for the report)

You will produce a 2500 word business report for both PART A and PART B of assessment 2. Part A is 1000 words and Part B is 1500 words. Your report should consist of at least 10 academic peer-reviewed sources.

Part B of the report should address the following tasks:

    A clear articulation of the strategic human resources problem stating why it is important to address this problem in the organisation
    Evaluation of the antecedents to the problem
    An overview of the ethical implications behind the problem
    Solutions and recommendations which are based on one or more of the models explored in the course and in assessment 2.
    A clear justification for choosing each solution

The assignment is to be submitted as follows

    The font will be 12 pt Times New Roman.
    Line spacing will be 1 (1.5).
    Word count and limit (2500 words +/- 10%)
    Paragraphs will have first sentence indentation.
    The report should have
        an executive summary,
        body (PART A section and PART B section)
        a minimum of 10 references
    Appendices may be used as supporting material. Appendices must be:
    (1) referenced in the text, and
    (2) kept in order of their reference.

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