Reflective Practice using Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle (1984)

Academic writing. Harvard style. I attached the brief below. Kolb’s model needs to be used.

I’d like the concrete experience to be based on this scenario:
Student nurse in clinical practice under nurse supervision is in the emergency department. The nurse tries to carry out an assessment on a patient with Parkinsons however the patient is catatonic due to a medication that increased her level of dopamine. A healthcare assistant comes over to assist with a meal and I offer to feed the patient. She has not eaten in a couple of days because she refused to eat according to the heathcare assistant. I talk to the patient. She takes some of the food. As I talk I empathise with her following which she starts crying and wants to reach out for a hug however I cannot due to Covid-19 and I don’t feel like hugs are appropriate between nurse-patient. I use non verbal communication through holding her hand. The lady seemed terrified with her illness but I reassured her and she smiled at me. The nurse that I was with the entire time asked if I had previous experience working with patient as it was apparently evident from the way I managed to settle down the patient.

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