Paper: Write a Proposal

This sixth assignment is designed to have you learn about how to write an informal business proposal by doing research and by writing one related to a business announcement. You may use content from the Week 6 Planning & Secondary Research” Discussion (as related to a problem) as relevant to crafting your Informal Proposal.  You may also decide you do not want for your Informal Proposal to focus on a problem but instead on a service or product-related sales endeavor. It is your choice. Choose a topic directly relevant to work life. Make sure you choose a topic about which your audience would actually need persuading.

Your goal is for your proposal to persuade your audience to accept or adopt your proposal; they should be compelled to take action or to change in some concrete way. Your audience will be whatever group you identify as appropriate.

This Week 6 Assignment is a proposal, one that is informal, one that is unsolicited, includes the required components (see Chapter 13 of the textbook) and is well-written.  You may use single or double line spacing, and paragraphs and/or bullet-points. You need to follow the outline as shown in Figure 13.1 (below). You will need to speculate on some of the content areas, which is perfectly acceptable as long as the content is reasonable.  For example, you will likely have to speculate (guess) on topics such as scheduling, staffing, budget, and required authorization.

“Proposals can be life or death for an organization… a proposal may be defined as a written offer to solve a problem. provide a service, or sell a product… ” (Guffey & Loewy, 2018,p. 366).


Guffey, M., & Loewy, D. (2018). Business communication: Process and product (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

1. Use Microsoft Word. Include a title page.  No other APA formatting of the paper is required (i.e. you can use single line spacing).  There is no requirement to apply and cite references but if you do use someone else’s words, you need to add the in-text citation and add an entry on a references page.  I suggest doing research on how to write an Informal Proposal – such as from Chapter 13, the UIU Library and reliable websites but the “how to write an Informal Proposal” information will not be included in your actual example of a “real” Informal Proposal.

2. Use the writing process which works best for you; only the final polished version of the Informal Proposal should be present in your Week 6 Assignment paper.

3.  Subsequent to your thorough proofreading, submit your completed Week 6 Assignment paper.

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