Principles and Practice of Marketing-REPORT!!

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You are to investigate and analyse the UK marketing activities of Tesco focusing on one of the following Tesco own label brands:

? Finest
? Organic
? Healthy Living


Produce a report (1700 words) that identifies, describes and critically evaluates Tesco, in the following marketing areas:

? The main strengths and weaknesses of the company, the key opportunities and threats for your chosen brand. (20%)

? The marketing mix for your chosen brand. (40%)

? The competitive situation the company faces for your chosen brand. (20%)

? Recommendations based on the analysis above to improve the companies? competitiveness (20%)


1. Your report should show evidence of understanding of marketing principles and concepts, analytical rigour and clarity of interpretation.

2. You are required to research academic journal articles which must be appropriately referenced using the Harvard Referencing style.

3. Your analysis is to be presented as a report of approximately 1700 words in length excluding appendices and should contain clearly defined sections.

5 The report must be in word format.

There is no minimum number of SWOT factors that need to be included. Some of you have the impression there must be at least 5 factors for each SWOT section. This is incorrect. You will be awarded marks in this section for your breadth of research and accuracy in identifying the key SWOT factors. If someone has 6 factors and another 2 and they are all good, clearly the student with 6 factors has done more research and will get more marks for this section! I would expect approximately 350-450 words for this section. If necessary, use tables to help with the word count (tables are not included in your word count).
An introduction should be written. This will not count towards the word total.
We have not asked for an executive summary or abstract. Therefore there is no need to do one!

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