PPT Presentation 18th Century Author

I need a PPT presentation on ONE of these 18th century authors and a piece of their work. I’ve attached an example PPT. I’ve also attached a grading scale to show how the presentation will be graded.

John Dryden
Samuel Pepys
John Bunyan
John Locke
Sir Isaac Newton
Samuel Butler
John Wilmot
Aphra Behn
William Congreve
Mary Astell
Daniel Defoe
Anne Finch
Henry Fielding
Mathew Prior
Lawrence Sterne
Thomas Chatterton
Samuel Johnson
George Crabbe
Jonathan Swift
Joseph Addison
Sir Richard Steele
Alexander Pope
Eliza Haywood
Jonathan Swift
John Gay
William Hogarth
Samuel Johnson
James Boswell
Frances Burney
William Cowper

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