Summery [D2]

In society we all are motivated by a thing or reason some of the greatest mind failed before the came successful at the one thing they really want to do.[D3] Adler’s theory of birth order to this personality[D4] can cause a person to be driven to succeed because of the family we may be born in [D5] and the failure can make some stronger this is the case of Ronald Ragan he was driven to succeed by a combination of family and failure to become the oldest president in history.


Emphasis of the importance of the way we feel when it comes to inferiority the inferiority

is about being isolated which plays a key part in the way our personality is shaped Alfred Adler in his study says people are an individual whole, so he called his psychology named as such as

Individual Psychology Orgler 1976[D6] Adler therefore he was the 1st person to emphasize how important the element of social adjustment was of the social element in the re-adjustment process of the individual and who carried psychiatry into the community. As he further his research he

Understood more of elements that concern history theories so this leads to my [D7] choice and its President Ronald Ragan, he was a very aggressive president and his personality fits his style. He disagreed with the way president Nixon and then Ford’s policies of Détente this was about Soviet

Union then he opposed the salt (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) this is just one of the reason the other has to do with Alfred Adler in his study just as he wanted to be more then the way he grew up Ronald Ragan did the same but with different method’s he also blamed Ford for the

Budget of the country at that time my choice is Primary and secondary feelings of inferiority as a kid he didn’t have much then work his way up by becoming a successful actor He ran for President twice and lost this had to make him feel inferior then drove him to try again and he


Won to become the oldest President to win conservation predisposition Ragan felt that in order to help his country he had to keep trying to he succeed and growing up not very rich was also a reason that drove him to success. His unique style that he carved out though his child hood and

The entertainment world helped him to be quite different from others. He took advantage of the way he grew up in took steps to use his weakness to motivate himself to succeed. Ronald Ragan was born in a poor family so he was driven to become successful because of this his desire to

succeed was in this case how he grew up and then later by his failure as he ran for president twice and failed so he was it was pride and a social desire this is a good combination more competitive, wants to overtake older child. May become a rebel or try to outdo everyone.

Competition can deteriorate into rivalry. We this seems like Ragan he played foot ball and you have t have edge to win. This is why he won he had a chip on his shoulder that motivated him to win at all cost. What A great story a rag to riches story start because of his position in society wasn’t where he wanted to be.


Adler, A. (1938). Social Interest: A Challenge to Mankind. J. Linton and R. Vaughan

(Trans.). London: Faber and Faber Ltd.

Adler, A. (1956). The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler, H. L. Ansbacher and R. R

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M1 Assignment 3 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Identified a socio-political leader and evaluated the leader’s motivation for superiority striving.
Analyzed the leader’s style of life by identifying his/her goals, achievements, actions, and goals and discussed the long-term outcomes of these.
Applied Alder’s theory of birth order to the leader’s personality development.
Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

[D1]Please format title page according to APA guidelines. See sample APA paper in course doc sharing file.
[D2]Spelling. If this is the abstract, use that word for the heading instead.
[D3]Sentence structure; missing punctuation. See yellow highlights in remainder of paper, which shall indicate errors in spelling, grammar, style or punctuation.
[D4]Missing information. E.g., This paper will explore Adlerian theory as it applies in the case of Ronald Reagan. The abstract should summarize the main points of the paper; birth order is just one aspect of Adler’s theory to be reviewed in this assignment. See the rubric for additional content criteria.
[D5]Try to maintain 3rd person voice in academic writing.
[D6]This section contains missing punctuation, run on sentence structure, and improper APA format and style. Use a paragraph format and indent 5 spaces. Place citations in parentheses. Maintain double spacing throughout the paper. Research that is cited should be current (no more than 10 years old, unless considered a classic work).
[D7]Try to maintain 3rd person voice in academic writing. Avoid first person pronouns such as I, me, or my. Use headings to organize content. See course announcement, TIPS for written assignments, for information.
[D8]Maintain consistent font size and style; times New Roman, size 12 is recommended by APA. The list should be formatted in a hanging indent style. See APA resources in course DocSharing folder and Webliography.

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