Polar Bears Biodiversity Conservation

One of the primary goals of this presentation is to share the information about different conservation strategies with your classmates. After introducing the audience to your topic of polar bear conservation and giving them some background information, you need to explain what is currently being done from the conservation point of view. Your presentation should cover the following points: risk assessment (the assessment of risks and threats to wildlife species/habitat condition assessment), monitoring, planning, population/habitat management (strategies for species conservation/wildlife population control/habitat conservation), education and research, regulations and policies. Depending on your topic, some of these points might overlap.

You must have 4 sources minimum as your references. You must find at least 2 primary scientific sources and 1 magazine article that provide background and current information about the topic of your presentation. Both the scientific articles and the magazine article must have been published within the past 5 years. Your last PPT slide has to have a complete list of references you have to mention all the sources you used for your presentation. NO ENCYCLOPEDIAS! NO DICTIONARIES! However, your presentation MUST also include references from published peer reviewed scientific
journals such as Conservation Biology, Biological Conservation, Animal Conservation, Environmental Conservation, International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation, Conservation Genetics, Conservation Letters, Journal of Wildlife Management, Journal of Environmental Management, Journal of Applied Ecology, Ecological Applications, Ecological Management & Restoration, Trends in Ecology & Evolution, Population Ecology, Ecology Letters, Ecology, Science, Nature, etc. For this particular assignment you are also allowed to use websites that have .org or .gov in their name

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