Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


Part 2: Policy memo (5 pages single spaced)

 write about-Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine 

Introduction/Boilerplate who are they , who do they represent, and what do they care about?

Suggestions for Defining What is Healthy which kinds of foods are included in this definition and which are excluded? What is the criteria? Is it only foods from certain categories? Is there a minimum amount of a certain nutrient that should be present in order to qualify to bear the term healthy? Are amounts of specific nutrients present in a food disqualifying? Should the nutrients be naturally present (intrinsic) or could fortified nutrients be considered?

Other Issues – address the following questions posed by FDA:

o Would this change in the term healthy cause a shift in consumer behavior in terms of dietary choices?

o Is healthy the best term to characterize foods that should be encouraged to build healthy dietary practices or patterns? What other words or terms might be more appropriate (e.g., nutritious)?

o How best will consumers know when a food is healthy how would this group prefer to communicate healthy in food labeling? For example, simply using the word, a logo, or some other way?

Closing summarize your main points and reasons why to conclude your memo

References the policy memo should be supported by at least 5 peer reviewed scientific articles as references providing data and substantiation to facts, figures or arguments made in the memo. 

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