Personal hero vs Greek God

Modern-day hero vs. Greek god

In this project, you will first decide who is your personal hero. This hero can be a famous person in the present-day or history or they can be someone that is a personal hero to you someone in your own life. Next, you will write a historical account of that person who are they? Tell me about their life. Why are they a hero to you describe in detail. Next, you will research ancient Greek gods and decide what Greek god is the closest resemblance to your personal hero. What Greek god embodies the qualities that resemble your hero?

Here are some questions that you must answer in your essay. What are the causes that are important to you and your hero? Why? What ancient Greek God embodies these qualities? How? What would you like your hero to do to change the world?

The final story must be a full two-page, double spaced document uploaded into the Exam One assignment section. This option is a way to be a bit introspective and dig a bit deeper to see what inspires you and who your heroes are in the world.

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