Parenting styles


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1. You are a parent who asks your child to do a chore. Your child, responds by saying no. List the following parenting responses: Neglectful, Indulgent, Authoritarian, Authoritative. Your responses should be consistent with Baumrinds parenting styles.

2. Parenting styles as outlined by Baumrind are excellent ways to classify child-rearing techniques, but they do not address cultural influences. During the summer of 1997, two incidents occurred in New York City to underscore these differences:

A mother was arrested for child abuse because she left her nine-month-old daughter in a baby carriage on the sidewalk next to a restaurant while she went in and had lunch. Her defense was that she was watching the child from the window, and that in her native country of Estonia, this was a common practice. Another mother was arrested for leaving her four-year-old boy alone in the playground while she went shopping. She also claimed innocence on the grounds that in her culture, Lithuania, this was not considered abuse. In both cases, the children were taken from their mothers and placed in state custody until the outcome of criminal charges was determined.

What personal story/stories do you have relative to cultural differences in parenting styles? 

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