This week, you read about Vitamin D. Additional discoveries about Vitamin D began to surface in the early 2000s. Research was just coming out that it had more implications than just bone health. Fast forward to now, researchers have discovered how important vitamin D is in every part of our body, from discovering receptors in our brain cells to our immune system to even relating it to the severity of COVID-19. Find 2-3 articles from credible sources and discuss how Vitamin D relates to your life today. Write a 100-word initial post reflecting on the following questions: Are you taking Vitamin D? Do you need to? How much? What can it help with? What is the most interesting thing you read that Vitamin D can do/help/prevent? Have you ever had your Vitamin D levels tested? Blog sources will not be allowed. Must be peer-reviewed or a hospital/health practitioner resource (and that article must cite their sources as well). Be sure to include your references at the bottom of your posting using APA format.

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