Nationalism in Education

Nationalism in Education Curriculum

Nationalism should be included in education curriculum

1) State the claim that you will prove.
2) Provide a literature review. Explain, in detail, all of the theorists who address your topic and previous answers to your question.
3) Provide a theoretical framework based on your literature review (A clear explication of the definitions and grounding of the ideas and concepts upon which you will build your argument).
4) Develop your own conceptual framework as you answer the question. Use clear lines of reasoning. Consistently refer back to the material from the literature review.
5) Provide counter-arguments. Consider all of the criticisms and critics of your conclusion.
6) Address those counter-arguments. Demonstrate either a) their falsity or b) the way they may be circumvented.
7) Finalize your conclusion and explicate the importance and relevance of that conclusion to theory and practice.

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