Movie Assignment

This assignment provides you with an opportunity to see how the U.S. healthcare system is represented in the media. Please select and watch one of the following movies (which are available online for free or for rent). Then you will write a short (maximum 1000 words) review of the movie. Your movie review should include the following sections:

Provide a brief overview of the movie and explain how it relates to the materials presented in the course.

Select one aspect of the movie that surprised or interested you. Explain why it was surprising or interesting.

The movie assignment should be submitted via the course website and are due by Thursday, April 22nd at 5pm

Select one movie from the following list:

Escape Fire: the fight to rescue American healthcare (2012) 1h 39m
“The Bleeding Edge” (2018) 1h 40m
“Fix it- healthcare at a tipping point” (2016) 58 min
“Sicko” (2007) 2h 3m

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