This is an individual assignment to fulfill requirements for the course. It is due by 5pm, Thursday, june 9th.
Pls upload your work on Blackboard. 

  • Read Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail. You could also listen to MLK’s reading of the letter. Both files are in the MLK folder within Course Materials.
  • You may also find background on the Birmingham Campaign in the MLK folder.
  • Applying the Transformational Leadership and Authentic Leadership models, and using examples from the letter, explain why Dr. King was or wasn’t a transformational leader and an authentic leader.
  • Ensure the spelling and syntax of the writing are accurate (use M/S Word tools)
  • Use references, minimum 5
  • Label each section of the paper, see outline below
  • Number the pages in the paper
  • Submit an 8 page paper (double spaced), not including cover and references, and use the APA format style.

Paper Outline:1.- cover page2.- background of the Birmingham Campaign3.- MLK as a transformational leader4.- MLK as an authentic leader5. the relevance of Dr. King today6. References