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Write a ten-page paper on the topic: A Contemporary Model for Christian Education In My Context. This model, derived from your personal ministry/educational context should be usable and doable. The model should be one that is relevant for the 21st century. At a minimum the paper should:

1.    Briefly describe your present ministry/educational context.

2.    See attached PowerPoint for ministry drawings to include in the paper.

3.    Provided is a previous paper that can be used to assist in this paper.

4.    Include a mission statement, goals, and SMART objectives of your Christian Education model. 

5.    Attached is a potential mission statement to can be used to assist in creating a mission statement.

6.    Include strategies, a comprehensive implementation process, and an evaluation process.

7.    Integrate some of the concepts, theories, models, etc. that you have been exposed to from the class discussions and/or the assigned readings from:
    Teaching Todays Teachers to Teach by Donald L. Griggs 
    The Church As Learning community by Norma Cook Everist

8.    Follow Turabians manual for writing papers.

9.    Have a flow that utilizes appropriate grammar, sentence structure, spelling and transition sentences.

10.    Utilize footnotes. AT LEAST 7 from the assigned readings, from:
    Teaching Todays Teachers to Teach by Donald L. Griggs
    The Church as a Learning Community by Norma Cook Everist

11.    Be double-spaced utilizing a 12pt. font.


1.    Charts, graphs, and other handouts may be used to enhance your educational model, however, there must be at least ten written pages.

2.    Do not write a paper that regurgitates information from the assigned readings or other books.

3.    Remember, THIS IS NOT A RESEARCH PAPER. You are to use concepts, theories, from class discussions and readings to SUPPORT your Christian Education Model. This requires that you do some examination of your present ministry situation, contemplate how Christian Education could/should be, and create a model that can be utilized in your context.

4.    Avoid using multiple lists or bullet points.

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