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Mid-Term Exam-Spring 2021: HUM 265

Our Mid-Term exam will include a list of terms or concepts that you are asked to define/discuss exactly in the way that you identify your terms from the chapter each week. By this I mean you are asked to:

1. Identify the term and bold it

2. Number each response (1-20)

3. Define the term of concept in 1-2 strongly written paragraphs

4. Provide a 1-2 line example of the term or concept

Please be very sure to attach the document carefully for this assignment.

(You actually may use the definitions you have submitted in the past if they were very well done and if you have them saved.That is; I am not looking for you to re-write the same work in different words, I just want to see that you have the definitions and examples solidly shown here. For those of you who have done this work each week as requested, it may be a very simple exam!)

___________________________________________________Please select your choice of 20 of the following terms to define__________________________________________

    Fluid Intelligence
    The Peripheral Nervous system (PNS)
    Parkinson’s Disease
    Wear & Tear Theory
    Somatic Mutation Theory
    Immune Function Theory
    Cross-Linkage Theory
    Free Radical
    Disengagement Theory
    Activity Theory
    Subculture Theory
    Exchange Theory
    Modernization Theory
    Age Stratification Theory
    Political Economy Theory
    Feminist Theory
    Critical Gerontology Theories
    Continuity Theory
  Age Effect

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