Memo from an Expert

Memo from an Expert
the monument we are talking about at this time is the <Memorial To Fallen Firefighters>
please do some reading of the accident of the fire in 1995
this accident was caused 4 firefighters death.
please let me know if you want me to provide any of the summary of the story!

What was it like, to be you, in this place, in this time, doing this work?
In this paper, you will write up your research findings and your experience of getting to know the monument. This is an individual paper so, although the research might have been collaborative, you are focusing on making your own connections between place, experience, and argument.

Things to make sure and include in this paper:
A reflective description of what it was like to research the monument: what kinds of research you performed, and how that felt. How was your process disrupted by the pandemic? What kinds of research did the pandemic foreclose – or, perhaps, make possible? How did this historical context change or contribute to your understanding of the monument?
A summary of the research, in particular as it relates to your own focus and findings.
An argument that matters:  out of your research, develop an argument about the importance of the monument (it might be that it doesn’t have importance – take the argument where it needs to go, but make it). What does it mean socially, historically, politically? What stories does it tell or obscure? Why does this matter?
Tone/Style: Informal Academic
Think back to Tiya Miles’ style in Tales of the Haunted South, and how she wove personal, embodied experience and history alongside her academic research. You’re trying to strike the same balance here of academic (you’ve done your research!) but also reflective and engaging.

Paper should be 3-5 pages long, double-spaced, MLA formatting. Please include a Works Cited page (does not count towards page count). You are also welcome to include images, named as “Fig 1,” “Fig. 2,” and referenced in your text as such. They also do not count towards the page count.

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