Managerial Economics

1. Industry Report
Please select an industry and write a rigorous industry report for your selected industry that
incorporate the followings:
The market structure of the industry by determining the concentration ratio in the
industry and how market structure affects the entry into the market
The nature of industry and the network effects
The production structure of the industry, initial capital requirements, sunk costs, and
economies of scale
The prospect of industry in the future in regard to technological innovations
2. Company Report
Now assume you are managing a company in this industry and are asked to write a
Company Report about the long term strategic decision making of the company. The
purpose of this report is to recommend a few policies to the CEO that assures a
sustainable competitive advantage and long term profitability for the company.
Please include the following variables in your Company Report:
Sustainable market share and how it can be achieved
Branding, reputation, and a considerable base of loyal consumers
The managerial efficiency in strategic decision making regarding:
1. The integration and merger activity, vertical
2. Preventing entry of rivals by pricing and cost policies such as limit pricing, predatory pricing, and raising rivals fixed or marginal costs
At least 6 peer-reviewed sources.

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