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Assessment of a Major Health System Paper
1. Part A: Describe the selected organization/healthcare system.
What is the purpose and/or mission of the organization?

2. Part B: Discuss the organizational leadership chart.
Who is the leader or leaders? What is their responsibility? How are they chosen? What is their term of office?
How is their accountability/productivity measured?
3. Part C: What are the major components, divisions, departments or units of the organization? How is each unit organized
in terms of leadership? What are the major services of each unit?
4. Part D: How is performance measured within the system or organization?
5. Part E: In relation to healthcare, what has been the organization?s major impact within the last ten years?
6. Part F: In terms of your own critique, has this organization significantly impacted on healthcare? If you could change
anything within the organization, what would that change be;
how would you accomplish the change; and how would you measure the impact of the change?
7. Uses APA format for paper setup and APA format
for references cited in the text and in the reference list.
8. Uses appropriate grammar and spelling; ideas are clearly articulated, using appropriate sentence structure.
may use more pages if needed, I paid for 3 pages but if you need more et me know

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