Using a close analysis of a portion of the text of Macbeth and one of the supplements you studied in class (or another outside resource), you will compose an essay, exploring one or more of the overall themes of the play by way of close analysis. Your essay will only consist of a thesis statement and two fully-developed body paragraphs. You will quote the play at least twice and an outside source at least once in each body paragraph. You will need properly cited quotations and a works cited page.  Choose one of the following passages or confer with me regarding a different passage or a collection of similar quotations across the play, i.e. light and dark. (I have included the list of passages below because theyre rich in meaning and will ensure successful analysis, not to restrict you.)  Analyze all or part of it.  Interpret individual words meanings; relate this analysis to Shakespeares overall purpose in writing and putting on this play. Theres no specific prompt here; you decide topic.

  Choose one of these unless youd like to handle a pattern across different parts of the play:

    Act I. Scene vii. lines 1-27

Act I. Scene vii. Lines 53-80

Act II. Scene i. lines 42-73

Act II. Scene iii. Lines 1-19

Act V. scene v. lines 19-30

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