LS 3031 Homework: Political Science

Each entry must be 550-750 words.
Do not upload any attachments.
Put the word count at the top of the entry.
Write 4 separate and mostly evenly sized numbered paragraphs on the following:

1. Using the course materials for Political Science, provide a general overview and description of the main characteristics of the discipline.  (e.g. What is the definition; are there subfields in the discipline; how does the discipline approach understanding human beings; are there particular topics or issues that they focus on)

2. Identify 2 key concepts or theories from the Analyzing Politics text and describe why they are useful for understanding human society for Political Science.  Pick concepts that are not typical words that we all use regularly but unique to the discipline or unique in the way that the discipline uses the concept.

3. With their permission, observe a human in your household (or somewhere else) for 5 minutes.  Briefly, describe their behavior.  What aspects of this person or the activities they are engaged in would a Political Scientist be interested in; or what kinds of questions would they ask about them or their behavior? (I highly encourage you to use the information from your definition and/or 1 or 2 concepts to develop your response to a Political Scientists interests or questions)

4. Identify 1-2 findings from Dr. Mario Guerrero’s article research that you found interesting/disinteresting and discuss why. How does this research help us to understand human society? How can you relate to this study?

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