Literary analysis (on short story Sonnys Blues)

calls for an exploration of some element (setting, symbolism, irony, character, theme etc.) of ONE the first few works weve read. You should identify a specific aspect or piece of the work that interests you and then formulate a thesis about it. This assignment will push you into analysis and asks you to support your assertions with evidence from the text.

You may choose any of the short stories or novels we have read so far (no outside works, please). As this assignment does not call for comparing or contrasting texts, you should stick to one story. Choose one you either liked or that you had a strong opinion about. This will make writing about it a lot easier.

Some things to consider as you prepare:
RE-READ THE STORY this time in light of what you want to write about. Take notes and jot down passages as you go that you should include in your paper.
Craft a concise, focused thesis. This is not a long paper, so try not to do too much.
Format your essay like any other: introduction (including thesis), body paragraphs (including main points and supporting details from the text), conclusion (wrapping it up, restating your arguments and clarifying its relevance).
You should focus your paper on a single, manageable element of the work you choose and then show how the element contributes to the meaning as a whole using EXAMPLES from the text itself. These two pieces should guide you through the assignment.

Your final essay should be at least 1000 words.
You should use 12 point Times New Roman font and double-spaced paragraphs.
Your margins should be 1 on all sides.
Please use standard MLA style heading.
Each page following the first page should include your last name and the page number in the upper right corner.
YOU MUST CITE THE TEXT USING MLA STYLE (we will go over this briefly in class).
A Works Cited page will be required.

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