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Start by identifying a skill or concept that you always wanted to learn.

Which learning theory or theories best support how you would learn this topic?

Reflecting on your past learning experiences, how you learn best, and what motivates you, describe the perfect learning situation for you to learn about your selected topic by using concepts and terminology consistent with the learning theories this course has explored.

Compare this with the case study you chose for your other assignments.

Which components should be tailored to the specific learner?

Which components of your learning situation could be applied to a broader population? Evaluate the effectiveness of your learning situation for the case study.

After applying your personal learning situation to the case study, think about how the same components might be applied to the broader population you may encounter in your specialized field of psychology (WORKING WITH CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENT), supporting your viewpoint with learning theories.

Make sure to include the following in your assignment:
? Employ learning theory terminology and concepts to describe the learning situation.
? Justify which learning theory best supports your personal learning situation.
? Evaluate the role of motivation in this learning situation.
? Evaluate how effective this learning situation would be with the previous case study and broader population.
? Differentiate between the components of the learning situation that are specific to the individual and those are more broadly applicable.

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