Leadership versus Management

Although leaders and managers have similar traits, leadership and management is not the same thing. For this Assignment, you will draw from your own experiences or research a criminal justice organization to provide examples of how these two concepts differ.
Write a 700?1,050-word essay explaining the differences between leadership and management. In your paper:
Discuss your own personal experiences with leadership and management or your research of a criminal justice organization.
Explain the difference between leadership and management by citing at least four real-life examples from your experience or from your research of a criminal justice organization.
Compare and contrast the differences between leadership and management in relation to their importance and application within an organization.
Explain the inter-relationship of these concepts as they apply to the success or failure of organizations.
Include relevant examples and research to support the explanation.
Cite a minimum of two sources within the body of your paper using in-text citations where appropriate.
Include a title and reference page.

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