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Essay and Power point slide assignment.

The paper goes hand in hand with the Powerpoint presentation. Please note that when completing the assignment.

Assignment directions uploaded.

Required references:
Bennis, W. (2009). On becoming a leader, Perseus Books (ISBN#: 978-0-465-01408-8)
Northouse, P. G. (2014). Introduction to leadership concepts and practice (3rd ed).
Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. (ISBN#: 978-1452259666).

Total pages not to include title page and reference page.

This assignment requires you to articulate your personal philosophy of leadership development and your own development as a leader. Both the paper (5 to 7 pages) and the 10 to 13 slide PowerPoint or Prezi should draw from existing leadership and leadership development theories, as well as the course readings, discussions and materials. You will post your paper and your presentation in the respective Week Seven Assignment folders (drop box) on or prior to Sunday (midnight) of Week Seven.
Your paper and presentation should address the following topics:
A. An ideal leader
DETERMINE: In your opinion, what are the qualities of an ideal leader?
DESCRIBE: the characteristics, competencies, skills and traits that an ideal leader possesses and why?
Example: When thinking about an ideal leader you might consider a well-known leader who has positively impacted and influenced the lives of others around the world. You may also choose someone in your local community that is impacting the lives of those around you, when considering these traits.
B. Becoming a Leader
ASSESS: From your perspective, what does it take to become a leader in terms of training, education, networking, experience, character development, mentoring etc. and why?
C. MyPersonalLeadershipDevelopment-Whereareyounow?
Writing in first person, look at your personal leadership development and your description of your ideal leader. DETERMINE: Where you currently are in your development as a leader?
ADDRESS: What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?
D. Where will you be?
ANALYSIS: What are the one or two areas of continuous improvement and how do you intend to work on those?
SYNTHESIS: Referring to the course textbook(s), what leadership traits might you wish to develop (focusing on those you have already identified or those you wish to gain)?
OLCU 325 Leadership Skills Development Lab fall 2016 ONLINE
Presentation content criteria: ? APA style/formatting-
o Your APA title page (slide), Introduction slide, Transition slides (sub-headings) and Reference page(s) slides are not included in the 10 ? 13 slide count.
o The 10 ? 13 slides will consist of content that addresses the topics listed below.
o APA style/ formatting should be used to cite all references (in-text citations and for your References list (individual slide)).
? Visual constructs, graphs, charts & figures-
o Visual aides, with explanation on the same slide, will count as a content based slide.
? Visual presentation medium ?
o Please see your instructor for approval if you wish to utilize another visual presentation medium. These may include PowToon, Video Scribe (Sparkol), Fiverr, Go Animate, etc.
Paper guidelines and Rubric:
o You will earn a maximum of 100 points for your paper (5 to 7 pages) and a maximum of 100 points for your presentation. o Your paper and your presentation should:
o Demonstrate good knowledge and understanding of leadership qualities, skills and competencies. o Provide a clear personal philosophy on leadership development.
o Show self-awareness with regard to personal strengths and weaknesses and areas of improvement. o Use a minimum of 5 sources, to support your analysis and descriptions presented.
o Your presentation should also follow the following guidelines:
o The visual presentation is clear, creative and well organized.
o Writing within your presentation is of academic level, clear, concise, well organized.
? Note ? bullet points are acceptable. Consider keeping them to a 6 bullet point minimum. o Submission of PowerPoints with the notes embedded (in the notes section) are also acceptable. o Use a minimum of 5 sources, to support your analysis and descriptions presented.

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