Language acquisition happens naturally when it is our first language, but often takes more effort as we learn additional languages, especially as we age. Dr. Francois Grosjean believes that immersion in the target language (e.g., studying abroad) is the b

Read the three articles provided. Acknowledge the perspectives that one could have,
and argue what you think is the best way of acquiring a new language. Integrate two
of the three sources provided; they can serve as context, support for your position,
and/or support for the counterargument. Write a minimum six-paragraph essay in
which one body paragraph presents a counterargument and rebuttal to it.
Appropriate citation conventions are required along with a works cited page.

Use outside sources for context and support.
Citations required
6-paragraph minimum (1 direct quote, 3 paraphrases, 2 summarize)
Counterargument required (You
need to address an opposing view.)

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