Lab 2

How do you determine if someone’s chromosomes are normal and how are traits inherited? Let’s find out!  Be sure and review the attached rubric below so you see what I expect when I am grading these.

Lab Project 2: Human Inheritance
Family Pedigree image

“Streams may spring from one source, and yet some be clear and some be foul.” -Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

For your Module 2-related lab project you will complete several online activities related to genetics and inheritance patterns from the marvelous University of Arizona Online Biology Project site:

1) You will complete three human karyotypes (examinations of a person’s chromosomes for abnormalities in number or appearance) online. There are questions following each karyotype for Patients A, B and C (SEVEN total including an internet search problem) that you should answer and submit to me with your answers to parts 2 and 3 below by the lab project #2 due date on the calendar.  Submit your entire report at one time in a single .doc, .docx, or .rtf file attachment below, please!

First, go to:

Reading Chromosomes (Links to an external site.)

Karyotyping and Genetic Disorders-Aneuploidy (Links to an external site.)

Karyotyping and Genetic Disorders- Rearrangements (Links to an external site.)

Read about and watch animations of what happens when things go wrong in meiosis there!

Then try your hand at matching chromosomes up here:

Make a Karyotype (Links to an external site.)

Nothing to report there, just practice.


THEN for Part 1 of your lab assignment go to:                                  Human Karyotyping Activity (Links to an external site.)

Read the instructions there CAREFULLY include all background materials, then click on Patient Histories and follow the directions!

NOTE:  DO NOT overlook the assignment after Patient C to find and write a brief summary of a genetics-related website.  That is included in the project grade!


Part 2) Next complete the Colorblindness Inheritance Activity (NOT the Sex-Linked Inheritance Problem set- you want to complete the one about color-blind Audrei and her family, NOT fruit flies!)

Colorblindness Inheritance Problem Set (Links to an external site.)

Read the opening page and then click on Brief Introduction to Sex-Linked Inheritance at the bottom. Read that and then click on the Color Blindness Problem Set button at the bottom of that page). Please submit your question answers for this set to me along with the karyotypes and the final Blood Types activity describe next.


Part 3) Last, complete the Blood Types Problem Set, including your answers to the questions in your report:

Blood Types Problem Set (Links to an external site.)

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