Insomnia disorder

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Research paper requirements.
1. the goal of your research paper is to better understand the subjective experience of mental illness. Your primary source will be focus of the paper. Your topic will be any psychological disorder you wish to write about I choose Insomnia). Common disorders include depression, anxiety, bipolar and personal disorders. Your references must include the following:
* PRIMARY SOURCE: an interview with someone that you know who has been diagnosed with a psychological disorder, or a narrative account written by someone diagnosed with the psychological disorder, or a full length documentary film about an individual (or individuals) suffering from a psychological disorder.
– The DSM V book (diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders)
– a source outlining the most recent treatments of the disorder you are writing about.
2. the body of the paper: APA format, 12 points font, times new roman, double space, and 1 inch margins.
3.When writing your paper follow an outline.
4. Reference page (at least 3). If you use the internet, dates and authors must be listed.
5. Do not copy & paste anything from the internet. Find the information, read it, and summarize it using your own words. Any plagiarism will result in 0 grade.

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