Identification of unique plant species near my home

The title of the project is Identification of unique plant species near my home
Each student will identify 8 plant species near your home
Download at least one free mobile App from web for plant species identification
Make notes on map to locate the species that have been identified near your home
Draft research report
Title of your research (5 points)
Your name and course name (5 points)
Introduction of your research paper (20 points)
A detailed description is required for all 8 species that you have been collected including species common names, scientific names, photograph of species, location, growth habit (dry or wet land), unique characters or usage, and domestic or invaded species etc. (45 points).
Create a map to locate all the plants that you have identified and the map is included in the written assignment (15 points).
Cite the references that you have used for species identification including mobile Apps (10 points)
Submit it via Canvas.
Delayed assignment will not be accepted.

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