Herstory Paper

History, as we have studied, is often written in an androcentric manner, and privileges the masculine experience. This assignment is designed to challenge patriarchal historical practices by instead centering upon the personal history of a woman you know through her female lens.
This assignment has two parts. First, students will interview a woman (any person who self- identifies as a woman) of your choice to learn about her life and views. After the interview, you should write a 3-4 (or more is fine!) page summary of the interview, your thoughts/reflections on this paper, and connections to the course.
Assume that the reader (in this case me) doesnt know anything about the woman you choose. Explain briefly in your paper why you chose the woman you did. Then, you may start by addressing basic questions such as where does she work, and what is her educational and family background, to introduce her in your paper (yet keep this section brief). Ask questions to address how being a woman has influenced her life and her choices, and how the intersections of her race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religious beliefs, and age have affected her experiences. How does she identify? What are her views on women and feminism? How have cultural and social expectations (or stereotypes) of her various identities impacted her life? What have been her experiences in various social institutions as a woman? You may use these questions plus add any relevant questions you think would apply. In your paper address how her answers relate to the course materials by integrating at least two cited sources from our textbook.
Dont forget to include a section about what you learned from this experience.
Format: This paper should be in essay format, complete with an introductory and conclusion section. I do not want a transcript of the interview as your paper.
Grading Criteria:
– Explained choice of interviewee
– Addressed questions listed in essay prompt plus any additional and applicable questions during interview
– Integrated key concepts of gender and identity as discussed in class
– Cited at least 2 sources from the text, plus any additional ideas not your own
– Used correct sentence formation, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.
– Utilized an introductory and conclusion paragraph to allow for flow in writing
– Evidence of effort…aka not written an hour before class…
If you have any questions or need help with this assignment, please contact me for assistance!
Im happy to review a draft of your paper before its due.


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