Hebrew Bible

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a paper on the representation of the biblical texts and/or characters in works of literature or art. (do not simply retell books, movies, etc.; discuss
how they approach the Bible, how they supplement and transform it and why,
etc) The last temptation of Christ may be a good example of how it differs from the biblical texts if you have seen it. But choice is with the writer. I ONLY want writer 75570 and would not like any other writer.

Thesis and conclusion: A thesis is actually two things: 1) generally speaking, what you argue in your essay and 2) more specifically, a clearly recognizable statement of intent that shows up no later than the bottom of page two. The thesis should not necessarily be original; but neither should it be lifted whole from a single book or article. In quantitative terms, if you base your paper solely or primarily on what other people have said you should discuss, at comparable lengths, AT LEAST THREE different publications Sources CANNOT BE ONLINE SOURCES UNLESS THE ONLINE SOURCES ARE ACADEMIC OR BOOKS Quotations: If you quote, directly or indirectly, a primary or secondary text, be sure to provide an appropriate reference, in a footnote or endnote. I leave the style of the references at your discretion, but it should be consistent throughout and allow for a fast identification of the source. For the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, apocrypha, and pseudepigrapha, include the book, the chapter, and the verse(s); for a modern book, include the author(s)/editor(s), title, year and place of publication, and the page(s) that you are referring to; for an article, include the author(s), title, the name of the journal, volume number, year of publication, and, again, the page(s) that you are referring to. For a webpage (if it is not an electronic version of a primary or secondary source, e.g. the Bible or an academic article), provide full URL. Bibliography not included in the 7 pages

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