Global health systems comparative assignment

For this APA style paper, you will choose one priority disease (see the list below) to focus on for this assignment.  You will also choose one developed country and one least developed country from the list below, where the priority health condition is present. Through your analysis of the recent peer reviewed research and other scholarly publications and sites, you will compare and contrast how this priority disease affects two very different countries. 

Choose one of the following developed countries:


Choose one of the following least developed countries:


Now choose one of the following priority diseases (per World Health Organization diseases that pose the greatest public health risk due to their epidemic potential and/or whether there is no or insufficient countermeasures).  The disease you choose must be present in both countries you chose:

Middle East respiratory coronavirus (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
Include the following in your paper:

Title Page

APA Style

Briefly introduce the topic and describe the purpose of the paper.
Description of the priority disease:

Status of Research and Development on prevention and treatment
Description of each country:

Geography and Terrain
Economic status
Type of government/Politics
Investment in health care system
Discuss why the country is considered developed or least developed

Social Determinants:

Discuss the root causes in society that contribute to the spread of this disease within each country
What inequities cause more spread, morbidity, and mortality in one country versus another?

Based on your review, discuss recommendations for the prevention and treatment of the priority disease
Discuss strategies for how the developed nation could collaborate with the developing nation in combating the priority disease.

Provide a concise summary

1 page (250 words) reflection
What are your feelings about the role of a nurse in addressing this priority disease?
How do you feel about each of the countries?  What made you choose these two countries to review?
Do you have interest in visiting and/or providing health care in either of these countries? Why or why not?
You may provide any other additional reflective information you want to share
Reference Page

Include a minimum of 6 sources

A minimum of three peer reviewed research articles
Other sources may include sites such as World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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