George Washington

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Questions that need to be answered on the paper
Thesis Question: 1. Who and why was this person inducted into the Hall of Fame of Great Americans at Bronx Community College?
2. Was the American a woman or a man? Was s/he Black or White, Hispanic or Asian, a political leader, diplomat, military officer, scientist, writer, inventor, etc.? In other words, what job title(s) did this American have in his/her lifetime?
3. When did s/he make a difference in his/her life? Give century and years.
4. Where in the U.S. and the world did this American make the most difference in his/her job?
5. What did s/he accomplish in his/her line of work?
6. In your view, do you agree that this person was indeed worthy of induction to The Bronx Community College Hall of Fame for Great Americans? Give supporting details for answering this particular question linked to the all the previous questions you answer in the paper.


While consulting 2 SECONDARY SOURCES, and 2 PRIMARY SOURCES you need not cover the entire life of the person from birth to death. Just provide a brief background in the beginning and research the major accomplishments and consequences of the person?s work, 5 pages of text with footnotes (or endnotes), and a separate Bibliography Page. It must be done in Chicago Manual of Style, 12-point font, double-spaced, in Times New Roman.

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