Fun Home by Alison Bechdel

Read Fun Home, and write two analytical responses, and one article summary.

Part 1
Two Analytical Responses:
-each to be at least 300 words.
-analyze some aspect of the text: a character, a  passage, a metaphor, a theme.
-use intellectually stimulating ideas.
-avoid simplifications such as: I like this because… This is interesting…
-follow basic paragraph structure, beginning with a clear Topic Sentence and continuing with evidence from the text.
-Do NOT summarize the text!

Part 2
One Article Summary:
-Read one article or book review on the The Complete Maus. Look for articles in respected Newspapers or Magazines: The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, etc. (Avoid blogs and questionable sites.)
-Summarize the main idea and share some important points or arguments from the article in a 300 word paragraph.
-Incude the citation.

Part 3
One Article Summary:
-Find a recent news article that is not about the primary text. It could be about a political or social event inside or outside the United States.
-In 300 words, explain the event and discuss how it relates to the primary text.

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