Financial Reporting

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Financial Reporting RESIT Coursework
Semester 2 2015/16

Financial Reporting Coursework

Module Co-ordinator: Joe Adomako
The coursework must be submitted online via Module VLE site
(The hand-in date takes into account time allowed for submission of the coursework to Turnitin and the receipt of the matching report. You should aim to upload your final coursework at least one week prior to this hand-in date.)

Financial Reporting Resit Coursework

1. Significance of the coursework

This coursework contributes 40% of the marks available for the 20 credit module, Financial Reporting (BAF-7-FRE).

2. Specific instruction relating to the coursework

(a) Please do not exceed the word limit for this coursework.

(b) Your essay should include the following:

Title/cover showing your name, student number, module reference number and the name of the module.
Contents page (showing page numbers)
Main body of your work
References & bibliography (using the Harvard style of referencing)
Appendices, as appropriate.

(c) The attention of every student is drawn to the warning in the course guide on late submission of coursework, extenuating circumstances and plagiarism. For guidance on copyright and referencing see below.
You are required to upload your coursework to the Financial Reporting Moodle Turnitin site): 15/16 Financial Reporting Resit Coursework BAF-7-FRE . Use this site for checking your work for matching text. This will reveal where you have not fully referenced. You will need to reference correctly or remove the matching text from your final submission. The matching source given by the check may not be the one that you used. Make sure you use the Library Help sheets to guide you on correct referencing (style: Harvard). When you submit your coursework you must submit a copy of the latest matching Turnitin report.
The version to submit is the ?Show highest matches first? version (the one with numbers in the boxes) as this is the easiest for you to check your work. When you look at your report (use the ?Show highest matches first? version) you will see that there is a list of sources on the right that match (numbers in boxes) to the highlighted text on the left.
Remember, the point of this exercise is not to remove all matching text, but to make sure that it is properly referenced.

If you have a match of 1% or less, this will almost certainly be because of coincidence. We are not concerned about matches of 1% or less. You do not have to do anything about these.

You need to look at all matches of 2% and above. Where there is such material that is matching you must ensure it is referenced or remove it from your work.
MSc International Accounting & Finance
Financial Reporting Resit Coursework

High profile corporate collapses in the last two decades have been attributed to laxities in the regulatory framework of financial reporting. Predictably, some commentators and interest groups have called for more regulation. However, financial reporting is arguably one of the most heavily regulated areas of business activity.

Critically discuss the arguments for and against the regulation of financial reporting. Cite relevant academic literature to support your answer.
Word limit: 2000 words
Marking guide for Financial Reporting Resit Coursework

Student Name: Student No:
Marks available
Marks obtained
A well- presented assignment that has a front cover and a contents page. It also shows the word count and page numbers.
Good writing style and grammar and bibliography in accordance with the HARVARD system

A well- structured introduction which defines regulation and explains the various sources of financial reporting regulation in the United Kingdom.

Critical discussion of the arguments in favour of regulation of financial reporting. Relevant examples and academic literature cited to support each argument.

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