Existentialism question answering

Answer these questions below

1.Explain the existential concept of absurdity. How did it arise? What was it responding to?

2.What is the relationship between rationality and absurdity on the existential view? How does instrumental rationality fit in to this picture?

3.How does Camus define absurdity? What is the problem of suicide, as Camus presents it?

4.Compare and contrast Camus and Kierkegaards view of absurdity.

5.Explain the myth of Sisyphus. According to Camus, how does it address the philosophical problem of suicide?

6.How do existentialists understand the concept of boredom?

7.Name 3 types of existential boredom and give your own examples.

8.How do existentialists understand authenticity (provide at least 3 views)? What are some traditional objections raised to the existential concept of authenticity?

9.Historically, how did the problem of alienation arise, on the existentialist view?

10.What is the role of technology and the rise of the market economy in shaping the existential concept of authenticity?

11.Explain the influence the existential concept of authenticity has had on other philosophical schools.

12.What is an existential crisis?

13.What is lebensphilosophie, and how is it different from existentialism?

14.What is the role of language in the existential crisis?

15.What is the role of creativity in addressing an existential crisis?

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