Evaluating Cultural Competencies Emergency Management

Students are to read the three articles and conduct a comparative analysis of how the responses were handled with a focus on cultural competence. Let me and your classmates know how you feel about how each response addressed the cultural needs of the impacted community. For each disaster, identify two things (positive or negative) that stood out to you in each reading.

Here are the three articles
1. https://www.motherjones.com/environment/2020/09/can-california-recover-from-wildfires-without-leaving-its-most-vulnerable-people-behind/
2. https://highschool.latimes.com/carnegie-mellon-university/puerto-rican-perspectives-politics-hurricane-maria-and-the-future/
3. https://www.nspra.org/e_network/november_2011_leadstory

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