In the selections we are reading from Nietzsches Genealogy of Morals we find Nietzsche rethinking the process of how historians produce history while considering how it is that we have inherited slave values. Along the way we also gain some more insight into how he thinks about truth, power, and how individuals are bred to think, speak and act in certain ways that are useful to society.

One of the most disturbing ideas we find in Nietzsche is the suggestion that we human beings are more domesticated than any other animal. What do you make of this idea as he describes it in the genealogy? Do you think he is right, wrong, (or both)? Please explain why you think the way you do about these matters.

This question is closely related to the question I asked earlier in relation to Hobbes: Do individuals produce society or does society produce individuals? Has your view changed at all since reading Nietzsche?

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